Striving For Excellence

Undivided Bengal had many Nawabs, Kings & Zaminders who were commonly known as Rajas.The Rajas used to spend their days lavishly enjoying games, music, dance & of course foods cooked by their very own expert Chefs. The Kings of Bengal are long gone but what have survived through time are the recipes of those wonderful Bengali cuisines refined & perfected today to our taste-buds through the ages.But where do you find those wonderful meals & snacks?

Go to "RAJBARI" on B/171 Survey Park, Santoshpur, just 5 minutes from Ajoynagar crossing off EM Bypass.Walk into the comfortable but gorgeous ambience of Rajbari & you will actually feel that you have gone back in time to the past days of the Kings when attendants constantly pampered you with delicacies in ornate dining halls.

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Add to that the modern day comfort of diningin Air Conditioned halls on chairs & tablesto enjoy a heavenly meal or snacks at a very moderate & competitive price.The Menu is very elaborate to choose from but you can always go for a standard Thali for a full & satisfying meal.

In case you feel too lazy to move,                              just dial (91 33) 4005-0571 or (91 33) 2416-0173 & get it delivered to your home.

Want to have a Party at home, follow the same process.. You can fully rely on us for best of quality & price for Catering Services too. We look forward to your patronage.We enjoy serving you & spread happiness around !!"