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2017 (১৪২৪)

Raajbarir Pujor Menu

রাজবাড়ির পুজোর মেনু

2017 (১৪২৪)

Raajbarir Jamai Sashtir Menu

রাজবাড়ির জামাই ষষ্ঠীর মেনু

2017 (১৪২৪)

Raajbarir Shubha Nababarsher Menu

রাজবাড়ির শুভ নববর্ষের মেনু – ১৪২৩

2016 (১৪২৩)

Raajbarir Pujor Menu

রাজবাড়ির পুজোর মেনু – ১৪২৩

2016 (১৪২৩)

Shubha Poila Baisakh 1423

শুভ ১লা বৈশাখের – ১৪২৩

2015 (১৪২২)

Raajbarir Pujor Menu

রাজবাড়ির পুজোর মেনু – ১৪২২

2015 (১৪২২)

Shubha Poila Baisakh 1422

শুভ ১লা বৈশাখের – ১৪২২

2014 (১৪২১)

Raajbarir Pujor Menu

শারদীয়া – ১৪২১


Jamai Sashthi 2014

জামাইষষ্ঠী – ১৪২১


Shubha Poila Baisakh 1421

শুভ ১লা বৈশাখের – ১৪২১

             Rajar Thali  রাজার থালী Ranir Thali   রাণীর থালী
  Ghandhoraj Sarboth    Ghandhoraj Sarboth  
  Luchi Basmati Rice  
  Begun Bhaja Kachu Baata  
  Cholaar Daal Maacher Maatha diye Sonar Moong Daal  
  Bhetki Maacher Kabiraaji Begun Bhaaja  
  Basanti Polau Laushaak Posta  
  Maangsher Keema diye Potoler Dorma Kachu Paata Chingri  
  Chingri Maachher Malai Curry Chaanar Paturi  
  Chaanar Paturi Murgi Kasha  
  Mutton Daak Bunglow Jhalsano Murgir Thaeng  
  Aamer Chaatni Aamer Chaatni  
  Paapad Paapad  
  Kamla Bhog Kamla Bhog  
  Kheer Doi Aam Doi  
  Rs. 650 /- Rs. 500 /-  
  Our Other Specialities    
  Ilish Bhaapa Rs. 300 /-  
  Chingri Malai Curry Rs. 280 /-  
  Bhetki Paaturi Rs. 115 /-  
  Mutton Kasha Rs. 180 /-  
  Basanti Polau Rs. 90 /-  

Durga Pujor Special Menu

             Ranir Thali Rajar Thali
  Ghadhoraj Sarboth Ghadhoraj Sarboth  
  Luchi Basmati Rice  
  Cholar Dal Sona Moong Dal  
  Mangser pur bhora jhalsano alu Posto Bora  
  Basanti Polau Mocha Chingri  
  Bhetki Fry Bhetki Paturi  
  Chanar Kofta Chitol Mutha  
  Chicken Bakbanglo Kochi Pathar Jhol  
  Chatni Chatni  
  Papad Papad  
  Kamala Bhog Aam Doi  
  Rabri Rajbhog  
  Pan Pan  
  500 /- 600 /-  

Durga Pujor Special Menu

             Maharajar Thali Maharanir Thali
  Basmati Rice Salad  
  Sukto Bhetki Cutlet  
  Sona Moong Dal Dam Polao  
  Alu Bhaja Chingri Malaikari  
  Chingri Malaikari Chicken Korma  
  Raajbarir Mutton Kasha Chatni  
  Chatni Papad  
  Papad Rabri  
  Doi Kamala Bhog  
  Raajbhog Pan  
  Pan Aam Doi  

Jamai Sashti-ir Special Menu

Jamai ar Thali                  Sasurir Thali
  Basmati Rice   Basmati Rice
  Sukto   Sukto
  Sonamung Dal   Sona Mung Dal
  Mourala Mach Bhaja   Begun Bhaja
  Mangser Pur Dia Jhalsano Alu   Chitol Macher Muthya
  Barisaler Ilish Bhapa   Bhetki Macher Paturi
  Bagda Chingrir Malaikari   Chottogramer Murgir Rasha
  Rajbarir Polau   Aam Chatni
  Kochi Pathar Jhol   Papad
  Kacha Aamer Chatni   Rajbhog
  Papad   Aam Doi
  Rabri/Chanar Paturi    
  Rs. 750   Rs.  425
It is that part of the year when all Bengalis crave for the pithes and pulis - the exotic sweet that is becoming rare as the time is rolling by.

We made an attempt to revive the culture and the art of sweet making and brought it to the platters of our valued patrons. The event was huge success and we plan to make it a regular feature every year!
Raajbarir Khawa opened on 2nd December 2011. Our mission is to cater to the authentic bengali taste and maintain our cooking delights with the same integrity.

During the first month itself Raajbarir Khawa gained quite a popularity in and around the vicinity of the restaurant.