Raajbarir Khawa has built up an enviable list of corporate, celebrity and social clientele. Unlike most in the business of catering, Raajbarir Khawa specialises and prides in servicing the palate of those who are specifically looking for authentic bengali food - whether from 'epaar' or 'opaar'!

Each assignment is thought-out afresh with regard to designing the menu and the cost. A lot of effort is put in to create the right ambience, keeping the needs of the host and his invitee list in mind. The idea is to provide each of our clients the 'feel' of being a royalty - the essence of being in Raajbarir Khawa.

Our aim is to execute a clean, presentable, conceptually well coordinated activity.

This is possible because primarily we have long years of experience in catering and over the years we know exactly what makes a delicacy a delicacy!

Thus, whenever a catering assignment is taken up, we treat it as an event for us - which is as important and significant as it is to the host - and thus deliver from our hearts.

We pick and choose catering orders instead of taking them by the dozen to ensure enough personalised attention can be given to deliver a quality experience.

Raajbarir Khawa welcomes you to address your requirements for a well planned menu and a customised price offer to make your event a happy experience.

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